About Hatfield Taylor Co.


Hatfield Taylor Co. started in 2009 in Seagrove Beach, Florida in a small garage office with two guys who dared to follow a dream. Joe Bass and Joey Garrett began knocking on doors and calling businesses looking to bring in new clients. It was happening.


The two Joe’s worked from 6AM to 2PM, and then left for part time jobs working until midnight or later. They would bounce ideas off each other, one designing, and the other coding. Both of them were excited about their future, and loved every minute of their work.


From a garage in Seagrove Beach to one of Montgomery’s finest web design and online branding companies.


In 2011, Joey Garrett decided to follow another passion…animation, graphic design, and audio. He left the company and Joe Bass moved Hatfield Taylor Co. to Montgomery, Alabama. The two Joe’s still bounce ideas off each other, and love watching each other as they progress. There is a new amazingly talented and skilled team working with Hatfield Taylor Co. We know you’ll enjoy your experience.


In 2017, Joe Bass and Dale Gray who owns Beachwater Digital partnered to create a Full Service Digital Advertising Agency. Dale has been creating well known commercials for TV for decades, and brings his knowledge and expertise of the advertising industry to help your business succeed at new levels.


Hatfield Taylor Co. and Beachwater Digital provides undated values, honesty, and creativity to each and every client. The team gets to know each client as well as their business or organization, and begins the process of building a web presence to help them mirror their physical business.


Whether your company needs full on Web Branding, or just pieces to the puzzle, Hatfield Taylor Co. is ready to help. We can help you with Web Design, Graphic Design, building Social Network communities, and increasing your ranking in search engines.

So when you’re ready to get serious about your web presence, we are ready to help you.


Thank you for getting to know more about us. We look forward to serving you.


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