How To Create A Custom Short URL Domain

I know you’ve seen a few of the people you follow on Twitter showing off their cool custom shortened url links. I’m going to walk you through the quick set up of your new custom short URL domain (your DNS process might take a while).

Step 1: Register your short domain. Mine for example is If you don’t have a registrar yet, I’d suggest BlueHost to register your domain, but there are lots of other great companies. Try to keep it short. 5-8 characters is best.

Step 2: If you haven’t already, sign up for a bitly account at


Step 3: Once your in, look to the top right and you will see an arrow next to your username. Click it, and choose “Settings”.



Step 4: Click on the “Advanced” Tab and under Short Domain you will see the link “Add a custom short domain”. Click it.



Step 5: Now you want to go to your control panel where your domain is located, also the registrar who sold you the domain (i.e. Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy) and add an “A Record“. If you don’t know how to do this, call your registrar and have them quickly walk you through this step. To add an A Record, you should look in the menu “DNS” under your domain. This may be different with your registrar. Create an A Record with the following IP address: , which is’s server. Add it.

Note: If you see another A Record with your domain name, or in my case,, remove it so that your new A Record with your domain name will redirect to and doesn’t cause a conflict.




Step 6: Go find something else to do for a while. The DNS settings will take a bit to do their thing. You will know you are set up when you type your custom short URL domain into a browser and it goes to’s website.

Step 7: Once your domain redirects to’s website, click the Verify button. Give it several minutes to do its thing. Once you’ve made a cup of coffee and returned a few emails, click the link “Check Back”. You need to be patient here. The new Master DNS settings have to propagate to other DNS servers, so even though you may see your domain redirecting to, it might not be ready on their end.




Once the verification goes through, you will now be able to use your new Short URL Domain. I would still suggest waiting a bit (up to a day) to use it to allow all DNS servers to do their thing.

That’s it you cool custom short linker.