Finding New Customers Where They Don’t Belong

Have you been on a fishing trip lately? No? Maybe it’s time to book that trip! You might just find a new customer where they don’t belong.

Last Snapper season I was fishing with my family and a few friends off the coast of Grayton Beach, Florida. The GPS was loaded with all the great spots to catch Snapper.

The thing is, we didn’t catch much of anything in those spots. So, we tried something different. We moved to a spot that was great for catching Grouper. Within a few minutes, we were tearing the Snapper up. We quickly caught our limit and headed back in.

The Snapper were not where they were supposed to be (according to us). But that’s where they were.

We do this in business all the time. We go to a local business meet-up to meet other people who are wanting to get their business noticed as well. There is value in these meet-ups, but what if you like kayaking?

Why not go to a meet-up that is all about kayaking? You see, those people are not there to talk about business. They are there to enjoy something they love. And, it just so happens that you meet the owner of a small chain of outdoor stores that has locations in 4 different cities. And…she has an out of date website that she has been thinking of updating. And, she just happened to meet you, a web designer. Boom.

New customer.

Moving to a new spot to “fish” is a fantastic way to network and make new business contacts. Plus, you might just make an awesome friend while you’re at it, which is really what it’s all about.

Where do you find your customers hiding? Leave your response below.