Pinterest: The Window Of Opportunity

My wife loves Fifth Avenue in New York City. Loves it. Her eyes get big and sparkly as she walks the street and sees the famous designers and window displays and walks through stores that we’ve all seen in movies. She’s not even terribly materialistic, but something about Fifth Avenue does it for her.

We used to shop like that all the time. There were no online stores, and window shopping was a common activity for us on a Saturday afternoon. I used to really like going to the mall to find my next pair of shoes or going to the sporting goods store to find the baseball bat to add to my Christmas wish list. I’d stay in a toy store for an hour looking at train sets and the Optimus Prime toy. You know this experience, whatever it was for you.

That’s what Pinterest is. The difference is you also have the ability to learn and appreciate others’ work.

In my search for the new technology holy grail, I looked to Pinterest to give me what I was searching for. Like Indiana Jones riding into certain death in search of the prize, I took the leap and found what I was looking for. Something new. Something big. Something pushed to the side by many but also coveted by others. It’s not about the technology, and it’s not about the ROI. It’s about getting out there and promoting who you are and what you love. It’s about giving others an insight into your mind– you know, the images that catch your attention and make you who you are. Can you gain a better understanding of a person by what his latest status update is, or by the products, art, design, personal style, and visual interests that he has? You can learn about a person by both, but I find that Pinterest actually provides a very authentic snapshot of a person.

On Pinterest, words are removed, and our sight is the guide.

You don’t have to think about whether or not you like something you see. You either like it or you don’t. You’re not creating content as much as you are appreciating it.

Pinterest has a 90% Female base.

For so long we have been told that men are the most visual creatures, but with a platform based solely on sight and with a 90% dominating female usership, Pinterest tells a very different story. Women love to use their eyes.

As a man, this has made me seriously think about how I have considered women when creating things. I don’t think I have considered women enough.

People are always obsessed with connecting with the female audience, but advertisers have found themselves using platforms that they are comfortable with. That’s not reality. Instead of being the only guy in a club full of ladies, you are looking for a girlfriend in a room full of dudes watching a football game. Wake up. Pinterest is your opportunity to connect in a new and innovative way.

Pinterest has opened my eyes to things I didn’t see before. What has really surprised me, though, is the fact that I really like Pinterest…a lot. I’ve found great web developers, UIdesigners, graphic designers, typography enthusiasts, photographers, market researchers, and the list goes on. For me, it is a frequent connection to others who are creating the future, and it helps me to understand trends. Take a look at the home page of Pinterest. What you will find is that we are collectively influenced by what we see. A dress can actually have a touch of a mural on a city wall. A website can have the characteristics of a car. Earrings can take on characteristics of a tribal drum. Colors from a Spanish building can influence a poster. A skyline can inspire a logo.

On to my favorite part…the conversion.

Many large companies are finding that Pinterest drives far more traffic to their website thanFacebook. Also, Pinterest users are often times “window shopping”. How many people use Facebook to look for a product? They may find their way to a product, but looking for one? Not many.

How can you drive traffic to your website using Pinterest? There are several ways, but this is how I’m doing it: I have set up a media page on my web blog that has videos, photos of my city, recent designs, and even personal pictures of myself and my family. I go to Pinterest and look for great content to inspire me, and then I drop in my personal work from time to time that leads back to my website or article. I also make sure that all of my videos are pinned on my videos board. If someone takes an interest in the things that I like, then there is a good chance that they will be interested in finding out a little bit more.

My first few days on Pinterest, which I signed up for last week, has been amazing. Pinterest sent more visitors to my website than Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter combined. 

Yeah, it’s kind of exciting.

You should consider allocating resources to Pinterest. You have a large Fifth Avenue window to display your work in, so don’t blow the opportunity.


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