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“And those companies can’t–don’t have the discipline to do it, right. They get big, and everyone wants to do everything, and they just say yes. And then they don’t do everything well.” – Sheryl SandbergCOO Facebook

So many times, especially in a business’ early stage, they will take on far more than they should. It’s difficult for them to get in the “zone” and focus entirely on doing a great job. It’s not that they don’t have the ability or talent to do a great job on what they’re working on. They can’t, because they have no focus, and there is probably a lack of resources. You can sit by and wait for the train wreck, because it’s on its way. I just happen to know someone who is the perfect example regarding this problem, and he started a business and was a one-stop shop for anything you were looking for in the marketing area. His website stated that he could create fantastic videos, photos of the client’s business for advertising, print design, business cards, radio ads, and so on. In fact, he didn’t have a professional video camera, recording equipment, or even a dedicated printer. He just WANTED to do all of these things.