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“He who is not a good servant will not be a good master.” -Plato

It amazes me how robotic and downright uninvolved some businesses are with their customers. You’ve probably experienced this recently yourself, so you can most likely relate. Let’s say you are walking through an airport-sized mega mart, and you need to know where this “thing” you’re looking for is located. You find the closest person with a vest and a nametag. Then, you blurt out, ” Excuse me, may I ask you a question?” That doesn’t work so you pull out your emergency flares and try to get their attention before they fly by and disappear into an abyss of buggies and determined shoppers. If you are lucky enough to catch their attention with your emergency flares, they turn and look at you with the disappointment that they have allowed themselves to be “caught”. Once you have entrapped this said person, you ask nicely if they will lead you to your item. Then you get a quick “Yeah, follow me”, at which point they take you to your item, point, and leave without saying a single word. In fact, they may find it difficult to reply “You’re welcome” when you’ve thanked them. Does this sound familiar?